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In Delhi, local taxis can be identified by their black and yellow livery, while autorickshaws are also prevalent. Although these vehicles are equipped with meters, they are often disregarded by drivers. To overcome this issue, the Delhi Traffic Police operates a network of pre-paid autorickshaw booths where you can pay a fixed fare. These booths can be found at various locations, including the New Delhi, Old Delhi, and Nizamuddin train stations. However, in other areas, you’ll need to negotiate the fare before starting your journey.

It’s important to note that fares are often inflated for foreigners, so bargaining is essential. If the quoted fare seems exorbitant, it’s advisable to find another cab. As a reference, a typical autorickshaw ride from Connaught Place may cost around 30 to Paharganj, 340 to India Gate, 760 to the Red Fort, 70 to Humayun’s Tomb, and 100 to Hauz Khas. For suggested fares on other routes, you can visit the website

Taxis generally charge double the fare of autorickshaws. Keep in mind that fares can vary based on fluctuations in fuel prices. Additionally, there is a 25% surcharge for autorickshaws and taxis operating between 11 pm and 5 am.


There are numerous car rental operators in Delhi who provide cars with drivers. Alternatively, you can negotiate directly with taxi drivers at taxi stands across the city. It’s worth noting that certain taxis are restricted to operating within the city limits or specific neighboring states. For a day of local sightseeing, most rentals come with an eight-hour and 80 km limit. Any distance covered beyond this limit will incur additional charges. Travelers have reported positive experiences with the following companies:

  1. Kumar Tourist Taxi Service (located at 14/1 K-Block, Connaught Place) offers competitive rates, starting from 1000 for a day of Delhi sightseeing (subject to the eight-hour and 80 km limit). Their contact number is 23415930, and their website is
  2. Metropole Tourist Service (situated under the Defence Flyover Bridge, on the Jangpura side) operates from 7 am to 7 pm. They can be reached at 24310313, and their website is


While there are cycle tours available in Delhi, bicycle rentals have not gained much popularity. If you wish to purchase your own bike, the Jhandewalan Cycle Market near Videocon Tower at Jhandewalan is the place to go.


Since the advent of the metro system, public buses are less frequently used by travelers in Delhi. However, the red air-conditioned buses are comfortable, and there are several convenient routes available. These include the Airport Express bus and Bus GL-23, which connects Kashmere Gate and Anand Vihar bus stations. Bus fares typically range from 15 to 25.


Cycle-rickshaws are useful for navigating Old Delhi and the suburbs but are banned from many parts of New Delhi, including Connaught Place, and from the clogged main artery of Chandni Chowk. Negotiate a fare before you set off – expect to pay about 30 for the trip from Paharganj to Connaught Place.

Delhi Metro: Fast, Efficient, and Convenient | Book Now at

Discover Delhi’s magnificent metro, known for its speed and efficiency. With bilingual signs and announcements in Hindi and English, navigating the metro is a breeze. Trains operate from 6 am to 11 pm, and the first carriage is exclusively reserved for women. Please note that peak commuting times (around 9 am to 10 am and 5 pm to 6 pm) can be extremely crowded, so it’s advisable to avoid traveling with luggage during rush hour if possible.

Convenient Fare Options | Tokens, Tourist Cards, and Smart Cards Available

Purchase tokens at metro stations with fares ranging from 8 to 30. For unlimited short-distance travel, consider the one- or three-day ‘tourist cards’ priced at 150 and 300 respectively. Alternatively, opt for a Smart Card, which costs 100 (with a 50 refund upon return) and can be recharged with amounts ranging from 50 to 800. Using a Smart Card offers a 10% discount compared to token payments. Please note that all bags are subject to X-ray scanning due to security measures.

Explore Delhi on a Motorcycle | Visit Karol Bagh Market

Experience the thrill of exploring Delhi on a motorcycle. Karol Bagh market is the perfect destination to buy or rent a motorcycle. Lalli Motorbike Exports, located at 1740-A/55 Hari Singh Nalwa St, Abdul Aziz Rd, offers Enfields, parts, and expert guidance on running and maintaining these beloved machines. Contact Lalli Singh at 28750869 or visit for more information.

Radio Cabs: Reliable and Convenient | Book with Local Assistance

To order a radio cab, you’ll need a local mobile number. Alternatively, seek assistance from nearby shops or hotels. Enjoy a comfortable and efficient journey in air-conditioned cars equipped with reliable meters. Flagfall charges start at 20, with an additional charge of 20 per kilometer. For your convenience, here are some reliable radio cab companies:

  • Easycabs: Call 43434343 or visit
  • Megacabs: Contact 41414141 or visit
  • Quickcabs: Dial 45333333 or visit

Experience hassle-free transportation options in Delhi, whether it’s through the efficient metro system, the thrill of riding a motorcycle, or the convenience of radio cabs. Book your preferred mode of transport today for a seamless journey throughout the city.

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It’s important to pack essentials such as clothing appropriate for the destination’s climate, toiletries, important documents (passport, ID, travel insurance), electronic devices and chargers, and any necessary medications. It’s also a good idea to pack light and only bring what you truly need.

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